Be Mine- Recipes for the Ones You Love


Happy Valentine's Day!  Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is huge, and is impossible to avoid if you don't live in a cave or on a desert island.  Whether you're into making something for family, friends, or that special someone, here are some ways to ditch the heart shaped box of surprises, avoid the restaurant crowds and show your love:

Chocolate Truffle Cookies- these are my absolute favorite of the food gifts for Valentine's Day.  Rich and chocolatey, fudgy and delicious, they're wonderful.

Cake Balls- small, customizeable.  Use strawberry cake mix with strawberry or cream cheese frosting and coat in chocolate or vanilla.  Use red velvet, cream cheese frosting, and chocolate coating.  The possibilities are endless and delicious.

Oreo Truffles- Much like cake balls, these are easy and delicious, and no baking is required.

If you're into planning that cozy dinner for two, try these ideas:

Start off with Kale Salad.

Move on to Sole Meuniere, Chicken Paillard, Salmon in Parchment with Spinach and Orange, or Braised Short Ribs

Finish with molten lava cake or this decadent mocha cheesecake.

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