Slow Cooker Turkey Meatloaf


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A while back, Drew and I decided we should try to be champions of the slow cooker.  We're not quite there yet, but we're working on it.  This recipe for slow cooker turkey meatloaf will definitely be one we will make again.  Thanks to friends Charlotte and Amanda for giving me the recipe!

I'll be up front that at first I wasn't sure about this meatloaf.  I didn't love it at first bite.  I didn't really know what I thought, but as I ate on it a little more, I really started to like it.  It feels lighter and healthier than a lot of meat dishes.  I really enjoyed the vegetables flecked through the meatloaf.  One thing that I think is a real key in liking any healthy food makeover is not expecting it to taste like the regular version of itself.  Just be open to it tasting like its own thing.  Turkey will never be beef, spaghetti squash will never be spaghetti.  Amen.

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