Easy Lunch: Italian Turkey Wrap

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I hesitated on whether or not to post this, because it just seems so easy; it's more of an idea than a recipe, really, but since we all get stuck in food ruts and sometimes get inspiration from other people, restaurants, etc, I decided to share.  You know, in case you were a little tired of a turkey sandwich.

Pick a tortilla or wrap of your choice.  I used a sun-dried tomato wrap.  Layer turkey, baby spinach or mixed baby greens, roasted red bell pepper strips, shredded parmesan cheese, and pesto.  Wrap up like a burrito and enjoy!

Italian Turkey Wrap
by me!
Serves 1

1- 10 inch or larger tortilla/wrap
3-4 slices deli turkey (depending on the amt of meat you like)
Handful of baby spinach of mixed baby greens (about 1/2 cup loose)
3 Tb roasted red bell pepper strips (cut into strips if whole)
1 Tb Parmesan cheese, shredded
1-2 Tb pesto

Layer all ingredients in a tortilla and wrap, folding in two ends and rolling up like a burrito.  Enjoy!

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