Chocolate Syrup Frosting

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You know the chocolate canned frostings from the store?  Well I have a confession to make that might destroy my reputation as a food snob.  I actually like those better than homemade chocolate buttercreams.  I know.  It's weird.  I think what I like about them is their creamy smoothness.  I have finally found a homemade recipe that dethrones those canned frostings, and it comes from Anne Bryn's Cupcakes! From the Cake Mix Doctor book.  This recipe is smooth, chocolatey, and dangerous to all those watching their figures. 

It's easy to assemble but does require a stand mixer.  It uses less butter than most frostings, so that's kind of  nice, too.  I made the recipe as it is written and had terriffic results.  One note, however; this is a soft frosting, so it's great for cupcakes and maybe even cake, but I don't see the ability to get it ultra smooth or to pipe decorations with it. 

Chocolate Syrup Frosting
from Cupcakes!  From The Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Bryn

1 stick butter, softened
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup chocolate syrup
3 cups confectioners’ sugar, sifted (measure out 3 cups first and then sift)
1 tablespoon milk (whole or 2% preferred)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Place the butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate syrup in a large mixing bowl. Blend on low speed until just combined. Add the sifted sugar, milk and vanilla and blend on low until the sugar is combined. Increase the mixer to medium-high speed and blend 1 minute longer, until smooth and spreadable. Add a little more milk or sugar if needed.

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You are not alone in your loving of store bought chocolate frosting. I have never really had a homemade chocolate frosting that I enjoy...they never fully capture that chocolately chocolate flavor in the store bought variety.

This sounds (and looks) so good! I need to try it! Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is the most amazing combination, so I'm sure this would be good!

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