Kale Chips

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Things on this blog just keep getting weirder and weirder, don't they?  If you like to eat green things, trust me on this.  If you like trying things just for the novelty of it all, try these. 

I first got the idea from an article Molly Wizenberg wrote on kale in Bon Appetit a few years ago.  She only mentioned the kale chips quickly toward the end of the article, but there it was.  I think I then saw the recipe on Bon Appetit's website, and the tipping point that led me to make these chips came in the form of the May issue of Everyday Food magazine, where there was a recipe for chili spiced kale chips.  I made them last week, and I think that they were eaten within 24 hours' time. 

This is another of those recipes that, once you get the hang of ingredient ratios, is more of a guideline than a recipe that should be strictly followed.  What results are crunchy, bright "chips" that are a great departure from the potato chip.  They possess a flavor that comes from the chip itself and not from some seasoning, and if you choose to use the Sriracha or other chili sauce, there's a little spicy kick, too. 

I know that this particular recipe won't be the most popular, but trust me, you should make these if you're not a greens hater!  It's like trying pickled okra for the first time- a bit odd, but now you're hooked. 

Chili-Sauce Kale Chips
from May 2011 Everyday Food

2 bunches curly kale, washed, stems removed, and leaves cut into two inch pieces
2 Tb extra virgin olive oil
5 Tsp chili sauce, such as Sriracha (more or less if you want)
Coarse Salt

Preheat oven to 300 degrees, with racks in upper and lower thirds. Wash and dry kale and divide between two rimmed baking sheets (kale will shrink as it cooks). In a small bowl, stir together oil and Sriracha and drizzle over kale; season with salt. Using your hands, toss to coat. Bake until kale is crisp and just beginning to brown at edges, about 35 minutes, tossing kale every 10 minutes. Let cool on sheets on wire racks.

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