Ice Cream Cake

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Who doesn't love a good ice cream cake?  Aside from the lactose intolerant, most people go crazy over them, and I once saw a Semi Homemade episode where Sandra Lee made her own ice cream cake.  Since that time, Drew and I have made several.

The beauty of your own, homemade or semi-homemade ice cream cake is that you are able to make the possibilities of flavor almost endless.  For this particular cake, we had a chocolate cake paired with mint chocolate chip ice cream and whipped chocolate frosting.  I will post the chocolate frosting for you maybe tomorrow or Wednesday, but for now, I'm focusing on the cake itself.  This is another of those posts that I really don't want to call a recipe because of its simplicity; call it what you want, but the results are always quickly eaten!  I wanted to share this one with you because it's great for the summer and so much fun.

Ice Cream Cake
Inspired by Sandra Lee

2-3 cake layers, baked  and cooled (homemade or box mix)
1- carton ice cream (45-64 oz)
Frosting of your choice (4 cups or two cans)

Let the ice cream sit on the counter about 10 or so minutes until it is scoopable and softened, but not melted.  Unmold the cakes from the pans.  Wash 1-2 of the pans and line with wax or parchment paper.  Using an ice cream scoop or large spoon, scoop the ice cream out of the carton and into one or two cake pans, distributing the ice cream evenly among the pans.  It's ok if you don't use all the ice cream.  Place back in freezer about 30 minutes or until refrozen. 

Once the ice cream is frozen in the cake pan(s), assemble your cake.  Place one layer of cake onto a plate or cake base.  Top with one layer of the ice cream (of course, removing the wax paper).  Top the ice cream layer with another cake layer.  Repeat if you have another layer of ice cream and cake, beginning and ending your cake with a cake layer.  Frost and enjoy!  Store leftovers in the freezer. 

  • You can make this cake to contain as few as three layers (2 of cake and 1 of ice cream) or as ridiculously many as your heart desires.  I liked the thought of 3 cake layers and 2 ice cream layers.  The main thing is that you want cake layers on the top and bottom. 

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