Happy 4th!

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I think I did one of these last year, but happy 4th of July to you!  Now's a good time to see what's been done in the past.

How do you celebrate our nation's independence?  Do you watch fireworks, cookout, go vacationing, all of the above?  The 4th has always been for me a time spent with family or friends.  It usually involves fireworks and usually a cookout with great food.

Below are some of my top pics for a great 4th (or any time)!  Whatever you do, happy Fourth to you and yours!

Grilled main dishes:

A delicious burger

BBQ chicken

Buttermilk Brined Grilled Chicken

On the side:
Potato Salad

For dessert:

As American as....Blueberry Pie

Strawberry cobbler

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