Huevo in the Hole


So, I don't know about you, but the weekday breakfast is the meal I most struggle with, in terms of variety, speed, and nutrition.  I need more than a breakfast shake or bar to keep me going past 8 am, let alone until lunch.  I've never understood those people who can eat nothing or a small something and not pass out by 10 am.  I also get bored with the same thing day in and day out and am always looking for new things to cook for Drew and me.  Since I work a full time job outside the home, I love meals that can be prepped in 10-15 minutes or less.  What do you make when you want a fast, nutritious breakfast?

Anyway, in my adventures to expand my breakfast repertoire, I came across this idea in Ree Drummond's newest cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays, and I adapted it.  Remember the Egg in a Nest or Egg in a Hole you likely know and love from childhood?  Well, this is a wondefully Mexican play on it.  2 Tortillas nestle a sunny side up or over easy egg (your choice), and the whole delicious thing is topped with salsa.  Yum!

Huevo in the Hole
1 egg/tortilla nest (you'll want 1-2 of these per person)
For each egg in the hole, you want:
2- 6 inch corn or flour tortillas
1 egg, cracked but not beaten
Salt and Pepper

Preheat a medium sized skillet (preferably cast iron) to medium-high.  Use a biscuit or cookie cutter to cut out a hole in the center of each tortilla, approx 2-3 inches in diameter.  Place the tortillas, 1 at a time, into the dry skillet and lightly toast each side.  This will take approx. 30 seconds to 1 minute per side.

Then, remove the tortillas, lightly butter the skillet, and return the tortillas, this time stacked one on top of the other, to the pan.  Pour the egg into the hole in the center and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Cook until the egg is set, either leaving it alone until cooked (sunny side up) or flipping it when mostly set on the first side to make an overeasy egg.  Top with salsa, avocado, hot sauce, etc.

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