Homemade Baked Tortilla Chips

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This post was borne out of necessity.  One day we were having fajitas, and we realized I forgot to buy tortilla chips, which as you know is a travesty, being that there's all that salsa just begging to be dipped.  We did, however, have a bunch of 6- inch corn tortillas, and so I decided to try to bake some up, and you know what?  They turned out awesome.  They're sturdy, have good flavor, and they almost have layers.  We loved them.

I used a Misto sprayer to get the oils nice and evenly distributed, and sprinkled them with Kosher salt.  I then baked them up and we ate them like our lives depended on it.  The corn tortillas, as opposed to the flour tortillas, stay nice and crispy, even a day or two after you bake them, which is nice if you want to make a batch to have for later snacking.

If you make these for a party, then you will want to start early.  I could only fit about 4 whole tortillas on a baking sheet, and that's only like 1 serving.  So yes, I ate a whole pan.  I'll go be filled with self loathing now.

Baked Corn Tortilla Chips
to make 1-2 servings

4- 6 inch corn tortillas
Canola or other flavorless oil OR cooking spray/spray oil
Salt (I use Kosher but regular would be fine)

Preheat an oven to 350 and center your oven rack.  Line a baking sheet with foil or parchment (optional, but makes for much easier cleanup).

Cut your tortillas into quarters (or whatever size you desire- sixths would be fine too).  Lay them flat in a single layer on your baking sheet, and spray with oil.  You can use a Misto sprayer, a pump sprayer, or even a spray bottle with a nozzle, or even cooking spray- you just want an even, light layer of oil on the chips.  Sprinkle with salt.  Turn over and repeat on the other side.

Bake in preheated oven about 10-15 minutes, flipping about halfway through.  They are done when they've crisped up and are golden with some light browning.


  • Depending on your love of salt, you may want to go easy at first.  Remember you are salting both sides (or just salt one side if you were heavy handed on the first side).  These can tend to be a little salty if you aren't careful.
  • Despite their sturdiness, they get soggy more easily than the store bought chips.  Be warned.

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