Fun Breakfast Idea: Breakfast Banana Split

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Yes, there is a banana under all that granola.  ISN'T THIS THE FUNNEST BREAKFAST IDEA EVER?!?  It's so fun, I went all rogue grammar on you.  If your child reads this post, I apologize and no, funnest is not really a word.  Some things, though, go beyond proper vocabulary.  

I can't take credit for the idea; I got it from one of the people at The Green Room in Hendersonville, NC.  It was on their menu I first saw this idea, and I actually told them I was going to steal it.  I've been eager to make it and share it with you since I first saw it a couple months ago.  

The concept is incredibly simple, but healthy and satisfying: a banana is split in half and then topped with Greek yogurt, granola, and fruit.  If your sweet tooth is really amped up, add a drizzle of honey.  I left mine plain.  This is so good, and quick and easy to make.  I hope it makes your mornings a little more fun!

Breakfast Banana Split
serves 1 breakfast

1 banana, split lengthwise
1/3 cup Greek yogurt 
1/4 cup granola
1/4 cup fruit, chopped or left whole if small

On a small plate or inside a dish that can accommodate the length of the banana, place the banana.  Top it with the yogurt, granola, and fruit.  If you wish, add a drizzle of honey.  Enjoy!

  • This recipe leaves a lot of room for customizing.  Choose whatever flavor of yogurt you want.  I prefer plain.  You can also choose whatever granola and fruit.  In my case, I only had blueberries, but I bet this would be great with just about any berry, stone fruit, dried fruit, etc.
  • I used this recipe of granola sans fruit, but feel free to purchase if you don't want to make it!

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